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I received all the Sylvaian Families ordered today. I would like to take this oppotunity to thank you for the excellent service I have received since ordering these items.
Thanks again
.... Simon D - UK

Just to let you know, I receive the items today (Mon 04-08).  I think it was even faster than last time.  It has been a pleasure, to do shopping from your site.  I hope you will get a lot of Danish customer in the future,  or for
that matter just a lot of customers.  I will be the first, to mention your site. I will definitely be back soon to do shopping from your  wonderful site.  Once again Thanks
.... Christina - Denmark

Thanks so much for taking care of it, I appreciate all of your assistance and attention to detail. 
....John C - USA

Package arrive today, together with the catalog.  Hope to deal with u again. 
...Sylvie N - Australia 

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Sylvanian Families New Arrival

New Arrival!

Bakery Shop
with Watermill

Sylvanian Families Bakery Shop with Watermill
Grand Hotel
Sylvanian Families Grand Hotel
Baby Ferris Wheel
Sylvanian Families Baby Ferris Wheel

Pettyfur Guinea Pig
Sylvanian Families Pettyfur Guinea Pig Family
Pettyfur Guinea Pig Baby
Pettyfur Guinea Pig Baby

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Malaysia Ozone Fresh Automatic Sterilizer for Fruits, Vegetables and Meat
Malaysia Ozone Fresh Automatic Sterilizer for Fruits, Vegetables and Meat
Is our Food Safe?

Everyone knows that a diet that is rich in vegetables and fruits is healthy. But did you know that farmers are using all sorts of pesticides and chemicals on their harvest? Studies showed that pesticides have been linked to cancer, reproductive problems, and neurological disorders and can be especially harmful to children and the elderly.

Ozone Fresh Automatic Sterilizer for Fruits, Vegetables and Meat

Moreover, the meats we eat contain high level of antibiotics and growth stimulants. These substances are used deliberately in order to satisfy the growing markets demand . Even fish is not safe because it is often treated with Formaldehyde to maintain freshness.

Many of the chemicals that are present in food cannot be washed away with ordinary tap water. Hence, sterilizing your food is the key to our daily life.

Presently, ozone is treated as the most effective way of sterilization by many advanced countries such as US, Germand, England, France and Japan . In 1998, FDA has certified the usage of ozone to sterilize food

What exactly is Ozone?

Ozone exists naturally in our earth's atmosphere as a protective later that prevents the dangerous UV rays of the sun from harming us . It is nature's way of purifying and disinfecting the air around us. If you have noticed the clean, fresh and pure smell in the air after a long raing, you've been acquainted with the natural anti - microbial effect of ozone.

Ozone is absolutely safe for humans due to its natural instability means that it converts back to Oxygen in just 15-20 minutes.

How does Ozone Fresh work?

Ozone Fresh utilizes activated oxygen, commonly called ozone or O3, to naturally oxidise bacteria and fungus on food surfaces. Bacteria such as E-Coli, staphylococcus, salmonella, listeria, giardia and cryptosporidium are killed on contact.

Ozone dissolved in water can brak down the toxic substances found in chemical and pesticides that remained in fruits and vegetables. Under the impact of current and gravity, it also reacts with metal ions and significantly removes heavy metal ions such as arsonium, lead, copper cadmium mercury etc that are found on fruits, vegetables or meats
Ozone Fresh Automatic Sterilizer for Fruits, Vegetables and Meat

Benefits of Ozone Fresh:

Sterilization makes food safer for consumption .
Keeps meat, fruits, vegetables fresh, tastier and healthier.
Also an ingenious appliance for sterilization of dishware and baby bottles.

Special Features:

Breaks down pesticides up to 99.8% - Introducing O3 into the water can break down the toxic substances found in chemical fertilizers and pesticides that remain on fruits and vegetables. It has been proven by authorities that 95.9% of DDT and 95.7% of Omethoate can be broken down.

Removes heavy metals efficientlyOzone dissolved in water under the impact of current and gravity, sufficiently reacts with metal ions and significantly removes heavy metal ions like arsonium, lead, cadium, mercury, copper etc that remain on fruits and vegetables.

Kills bacteria up to 99.9% - By adoption of advanced "oxygen cube" technology, the ozone on virus cell films and destroys the makeup, reducing metabolism until the virus dies out. According to scientific test, 99.9% of coliforms and taphylococcus auras can be killed effectively.

Patented 'whirlpool-spout-spray' Technology - Water spouts full of ozone hit the water-diving sections and form sprays from the top. This can clean all sides of the fruit or vegetable gently without bruising them.

Auto cleaning, no detergent is required - Fully automatic, hands free cleaning, no more scrubbing of fruits or vegetables. Simply press the start button and the machine will complete the whole process for you .

Removable washing basket - Patented design , easy to remove, convenient and hygiene, avoids second time contamination.

Special function for sterilization of dishware and baby bottles

Environment Friendly

Low energy and water consumption

LCD display: easy to use, one touch button operation.

Provides safe , effective, consistent results

For more information on price etc please call us at 603-5631 5877 or email us at